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White Nile Tilapia

White Nile Tilapia

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White Nile Tilapia – also known as Oreochromis niloticus, Mango Fish (not to be confused with Mango Tilapia), Nilotica or Boulti – is a type of Tilapia native to northern Africa and Israel, though it is known to exist in numerous other places as well. This is a very large fish, reaching up to 24 inches in length and exceeding 11 pounds; its large size makes it very popular with aquaponics and aquaculture enthusiasts. The Nile Tilapia was even well known as a food fish in Ancient Egypt, as depicted in paintings and sculptures of the day.

Nile Tilapia are fast-growing and produce good fillets. They are tolerant of brackish waters and lower temperatures ranging from 65˚ to 98˚ F. White Nile Tilapia are mouth brooders, with the female collecting and holding the eggs in her mouth until hatching. Brood sizes range from 100 to 2,000 eggs depending on the size of the female. Tilapia reproduce within just a few months after birth.


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