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Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

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Medium (over 2 inches) Largemouth Bass are in-stock and ready to ship! Small (under 2 inches) are only available for a short period of time each spring. Large-size are only sold in quantities of 5.

The Largemouth Bass is America’s all-out favorite freshwater game fish. A desirable fish for eating, aquaponics and aquaculture enthusiasts covet the Largemouth Bass. Because it needs consistent monitoring to ensure the proper conditions for growth are met, the Largemouth Bass may be better suited to more experienced aquaculturists who fully understand its unique requirements for light, pristine water, good nutrition and feeding regimes, and proper oxygen and pH levels. 

While Largemouth Bass do prefer mildly cooler water ranging from 60˚ to 96˚ F, temperatures in the 65˚ to 85˚ range are optimal. Water temperature plays the single most critical role in governing the life of the Largemouth Bass. The cold-blooded Bass maintains a temperature that is the same as the water in which it swims. Until the water temperature rises above 60˚ F, the fish are not really active. Cold temperature slows down their metabolism, their digestion, their nervous system, and their need for food.

For the patient grower, the Largemouth Bass can be quite a prize. After teaching young fingerlings to feed on pellets, aquaponics and aquaculture lovers take pride in the 12- to 18-month journey it takes to produce a table-ready fish.  Bass are big fish when grown, so it’s important to consider the area you have to work with in advance. A common length for Largemouth Bass is about 15 inches, and Largemouth Bass that are around 5 pounds are considered large for the species, with females typically attaining the greater weight. Male or "buck" bass rarely grow larger than 3 or 4 pounds. To maximize growth, be sure to add forage such as baitfish (like Minnows) to their diet.

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