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Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass

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The Hybrid Striped Bass is a hybrid between the Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) and the White Bass (Morone chrysops). It can be distinguished from the Striped Bass by broken, rather than solid, horizontal stripes on the body. Hybridization of these two species does not occur naturally. Therefore, Hybrid Striped Bass must be cultured in a fish hatchery, and fish that are removed from the aquaponics system will need to be re-stocked over time.

Hybrid Striped Bass are considered better suited for aquaculture than either parent species because they are more resilient to extremes of temperature and to low dissolved oxygen. Hybrid Striped Bass tolerate a wide range of water temperatures ranging from 39˚ - 84˚ F, however, maximum growth occurs between 77˚ F and 81˚ F. Therefore, in the temperate zone of the U.S., the highest growth rates will occur from March through June and from September through November.  Hybrid Striped Bass can grow to over 25 pounds. To maximize growth, be sure to add forage such as baitfish (like Minnows) to their diet. 

Hybrid Striped Bass are only available in summer and fall. We usually start shipping around the beginning of June and we are usually completely out of the by October or November. These are VERY popular fish, so place you order early as we always have a waiting list in spring.


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