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Hawaiian Gold Tilapia

Hawaiian Gold Tilapia

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Hawaiian Gold Tilapia are a variety of Mozambique Tilapia that were developed in Hawaii for their beautiful yellow-gold coloration. Like all Tilapia, Hawaiian Gold Tilapia are popular for both home and commercial aquaponics systems raising edible fish because they can be easily bred, they grow fast, they can withstand a variety of water conditions and are resistant to disease. They are also popular as ornamental fish in small garden ponds.

Hawaiian Gold Tilapia are a very hardy fish often recommended for first-time aquaponics and aquaculture enthusiasts. Hawaiian Gold Tilapia can grow to an impressive 2.5 pounds; the greatest recorded length for a Hawaiian Gold Tilapia is 15 inches long. Other names for Hawaiian Gold Tilapia include Oreochromis mossambicus, Golden Tilapia, and Lucky Golden Fish because they are believed to bring good fortune to businesses.

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