Collection: BASS

Two fish may have the word “Bass” in their name, but that doesn’t mean the requirements for them to thrive and breed are the same. At FishTrap LLC , we sell two kinds of Bass: Largemouth Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass. While both are wildly popular game fish, their survival and growth requirements are very different, so it’s important to choose the one best suited to your aquaponics or aquaculture environment.

Largemouth Bass prefer a temperatures range of 60˚ to 96˚ F; optimal temperatures range from 65˚ to 85˚ F. Hybrid Striped Bass, however, can take a little more cold, tolerating water temperatures ranging from 39˚ to 84˚ F, though maximum growth for Hybrid Striped Bass occurs between 77˚ and 81˚ F. To learn more, click on the picture of the Largemouth Bass or Hybrid Striped Bass below